October 22, 2016


Answers to common questions about Agua Dulce & Sulfur Burner Technology

Q. Will my customers smell sulfur burning from the Sweetwater sulfur burner?

A. No. Due to the multi-patented Double Venturi System, no sulfur smell will be detectable from the exhaust stack. The Double Venturi System is an integral part of the Sweetwater sulfur burner and makes the Sweetwater sulfur burner singular to all other solutions to alkaline water and soil. In fact, not only is the scent of sulfur not detectable from the stack, but 99.98% of the sulfur oxidized during the process is absorbed into the water stream and converted into treated water.

Q. What chemicals are in the plume coming out of the exhaust pipe?

A. The plume is simply a mixture of water vapor, nitrogen, and a minute fraction of the sulfur oxidized in the equipment (0.01%). It is odorless, harmless, and represents the efficiency of the multi-patented Double Venturi System.

Q. I have heard that sulfur burners don’t withstand the test of time and often times corrode. Is that true with the Sweetwater sulfur burner as well?

A. No. The critical parts of the Sweetwater sulfur burner are built with high quality, corrosive resistant 304 and 316 stainless steels while the plumbing uses standard 40 PVC. Both materials are very resistant to corrosion. In fact, most of Sweetwater’s customer’s have used their sulfur burners for over 10 years. Some of the original units built are still in operation after 15 years. The Sweetwater sulfur burner comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

Q. Does the sulfurous acid produced by the Sweetwater sulfur burner eat through the PVC?

A. Not at all. FYI sodas and lemon juice average pH levels between 2.0 to 4.0. Since the most potent acid produced in the Sweetwater sulfur burner is just below 2.0, the structural integrity of the PVC is not compromised in the least.

Q. Does the acid burn through clothing, skin, or equipment?

A. Remember that the sulfurous acid produced in the Sweetwater sulfur burner is mild and comparable to soda or lemon juice. In spite of the mild nature of the sulfurous acid it is still a corrosive material. Users should take caution to wear protective clothing, gloves, and use care when operating the equipment. Read the manual and pay attention to labels around the Sweetwater sulfur burner.

During maintenance users should pay strict attention to the owners manual and instructions given by Agua Dulce technicians during training.

Q. I have been told that sulfur burners are too expensive. What should I expect to pay for the equipment?

A. On the contrary! The Sweetwater sulfur burner empowers users to produce acid on-site for beneficial use in water. 1 ton of the sulfur used in the process is equal to 3.06 tons of the equivalent sulfuric acid! Ownership of the Sweetwater sulfur burner allows users to avoid the costs of purchasing, shipping, and storing large volumes of concentrated acid.

In addition, affordability is engineered into the Sweetwater sulfur burner. Unlike other more costly solutions to alkaline conditions, the Sweetwater sulfur burner is made of both stainless steel and PVC. Both materials are sturdy and resistant to corrosion. Incorporating PVC into the design allows Agua Dulce to pass significant savings on to the customer. The Sweetwater sulfur burner is almost half the price of other alkaline water and soil solutions while boasting industry leading features such as the quick release clamps and the multi-patented Double Venturi System.

Q. The sulfur burner sounds too complex. What support will I be given if I purchase a Sweetwater sulfur burner?

A. Simplicity has been built into the design of the Sweetwater sulfur burner. In spite of the simplicity of the equipment, Agua Dulce is aware that the equipment is new and unique to most users. As such, a technician is provided with every installation purchase in order to train service crews on daily and seasonal maintenance plans. Technical support is a phone call away and instructions for maintenance and operation are available in the owner’s manual.