October 25, 2016


The Sweetwater Sulfur Burner in Nurseries, Greenhouses, and Botanical Gardens

Maintaining proper balances of water, minerals, pH, and fertilizers is essential for a successful nursery, greenhouse, turf, or garden. With deteriorating water quality and limited water availability water amendment is necessary for success. The Sweetwater sulfur burner amends alkaline water, leading to improved water and soil conditions. In addition to treating alkaline water and soil, the sulfur burner has substantial agronomic benefits to specific crops.

Some of the primary benefits of the Sweetwater sulfur burner include:

Secondary benefits of the Sweetwater sulfur burner include:

Irrigation Challenges: Nursery, Greenhouse, and Botanical Gardens

Many flowers, turf, plants, and trees require slightly acidic water (6.0 – 6.8) for proper growth. Steady population growth and stricter control over water rights have made high quality water scarce. Many available water sources are high in pH. Under these conditions, proper growth requires special irrigation equipment to treat the water. Through the use of the Sweetwater Solution™ sulfur burner technology, Agua Dulce empowers landscape, nurseries, greenhouses, botanical gardens, and turf growers to produce sulfurous acid on site in order to maintain proper pH levels.

Primary Benefits of the Sweetwater Sulfur Burner

Lower pH – The Sweetwater sulfur burner produces diluted sulfurous acid for irrigation water amendment. A stream of raw irrigation water is introduced into the sulfur burner and sulfurous acid is discharged. This discharge effectively lowers the pH on irrigation water. The Sweetwater sulfur burner can augment virtually any type of irrigation system.

*Sulfurous acid produced on-site using a Sweetwater sulfur burner is the most affordable method of acidifying irrigation water in the world. One ton of sulfur produces three tons of the equivalent sulfurous acid. Sulfur is safer to handle, easier to ship, and cheaper than sulfurous acid.

Neutralize Carbonates and Bicarbonates – Irrigation using the Sweetwater sulfur burner is extremely effective at neutralizing carbonates and bicarbonates that tie up salts in soil. Sulfurous acid produced by the Sweetwater sulfur burner lowers pH and thereby neutralizes carbonates and bicarbonates in water and soil.

Grow Acid-loving Plants – Many fruits, vegetables, flowers, plants, and trees thrive in slightly acidic water. Steady population growth and stricter control over water rights have made high quality water scarce. Water availability in arid locations simply restricts greenhouses, botanical gardens, and nurseries to growing plants tolerant to salty or alkaline conditions. The Sweetwater Solution™ sulfur burner empowers growers to grow acid loving plants where it is otherwise difficult.

Secondary Benefits of the Sweetwater Sulfur Burner

Increased availability of sulfur as a nutrient – Sulfur is an essential nutrient for all plants, although it is classified as a secondary element. Plants that produce protein (eg. alfalfa, legumes) require sulfur. Inadequate sulfur can result in low protein content, off color crops, and low yields. The Sweetwater sulfur burner converts solid sulfur prill into a liquid form and delivers the liquid directly to the roots causing an instant increase in the amount of available sulfur.

Higher Yields and Improved Crop Quality – Increased sulfur availability and correct pH levels promote healthier, more vibrant flowers, shrubs, plants, and trees. The Sweetwater sulfur burner has delivered extremely positive results to a number of crops in a wide range of situations. It has been called “the catalyst” for doubling crop yields, improving crop quality, and, ultimately, increasing profitability.

Equipment Protection – Consistent irrigation with effluent or alkaline water can cause premature corrosion of pipes, sprinkler heads, and other irrigation equipment. Calcium deposits build up in pipes, sprinkler valves, or drip irrigation emitters decreasing the effectiveness of irrigation systems.

The Sweetwater sulfur burner is so effective at neutralizing calcium carbonates and bicarbonates and lowering the pH level of the water that it can cleanse this build up from irrigation systems. Cleansing build up from pipes, sprinkler heads, and drip irrigation emitters helps to reduce the time, effort, and money spent on replacing parts. It can also protect and prolong the life of costly irrigation systems.


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