February 15, 2018

Technology US

The Problem: Water and soil conditions with high pH level as well as bound-up salts or sodium concentrations. Alkaline water and soil accompanied by high levels of carbonates and bicarbonates.

The Solution: The Sulfur Burner, (which burns elemental sulfur), blends SO2 gas with raw alkaline water, creating a mild solution of sulfurous acid which can lower water pH levels.


Oxidized sulfur creates SO2 gas. The SO2 gas is blended with water to create sulfurous acid (H2SO3). Often times, when diluted with irrigation water, the Sulfurous acid seeks out a dissolved oxygen molecule and creates H2SO4.

The Result: Bicarbonates (HCO3) are often present in irrigation water that is alkali in nature. If the water is acidified using the SS™-10, the bicarbonates will be neutralized.


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