February 17, 2018

Applications Global

The Sweetwater sulfur burner modifies alkaline water, which leads to the improvement of water and soil conditions. In addition to treating alkaline water and soil, the sulfur burner has substantial agronomic advantages in specific crops.                                                                                                        

The quality of irrigation water directly leads to the quality of the lawn.

By using the Sweetwater sulfur burner to amend alkaline water, water, soil and turf conditions are improved. The Sweetwater sulfur burner can reduce algae, keep the water clear and a healthy lawn throughout the year.


Maintaining an adequate balance between water, minerals, pH and fertilizers is essential for the success of nursery, greenhouse, lawn or garden.

Many types of flowers, grass, plants and trees require slightly acidic water (6.0 – 6.8) for proper growth.

Agua Dulce helps nurseries, greenhouses, botanical gardens, and turf producers to produce sulphurous acid on the site in order to maintain proper pH levels.

Sulfuric acid obtained from the combustion of pure sulfur can replace sulfuric acid in most industrial processes.

The Sweetwater sulfur burner offers an easy and safe way to get acid at a lower price.