October 22, 2016

About Us


Agua Dulce is distinctively qualified by a diverse background and uniquely empowered by the Sweetwater technology to provide solutions to golf & landscape, agriculture, nursery, industrial, and CBM produced water treatment.

Agua Dulce is the Licensee of the Sweetwater Solution™ sulfur burner in North and South America, Australia, and Europe. We are continually amazed by the benefits of the Sweetwater technology to a variety of industries.

Purposes of the technology:

Through the Sweetwater Solution™ (more commonly known as the Sweetwater sulfur burner), Agua Dulce generates sulfurous acid in order to provide the most efficient, simple, safe, and affordable solution to a series of water and soil conditions.

Primary Benefits of the Sweetwater Sulfur Burner

  • Cost effective substitute for sulfuric acid injection
  • Reduce carbonates and bicarbonates
  • Lower water pH levels
  • Amend recycled, effluent, or groundwater
  • Control alkaline water and soil conditions

Agronomics benefits of the Sweetwater sulfur burner include:

  • Improve quality and quality of crops
  • Leach excessive salts, fertilizer, and minerals from soil
  • Improve plant micronutrient absorption
  • Treat brown or yellow spots in turf and orchards
  • Deeper water penetration and root growth
  • Reduce water run off and ponding
  • Enhance seed germination
  • Treat pests, insects, fungus, or algae

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